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Student Collective of Allied Planners and Ecologists (SCAPE)

Student Collective of Allied Planners and Ecologists (SCAPE)

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SCAPE serves students socially, academically, and vocationally in an effort to enhance their experience at the University of Utah and increase their competitiveness in the professional world.

We encourage students to socialize outside the classroom environment between all collegiate levels of planning as well as other departments through social programs such as film nights, city tours, receptions, and sporting events.

We strive to facilitate dialog and collaboration in the academic world among students, professionals, faculty, and other departments in order to forge relationships with our future colleagues: architects, engineers, policy makers, developers, geographers, and even artists.

Our organization especially seeks to provide opportunities for students to interact with professionals in the field through conferences, internships, lectures, and volunteer opportunities. Through a close working relationship with the Utah chapter of the APA (American Planning Association), we will help our students network with the national and local, as well as public and private sector planners.

We are students helping students to achieve their academic and professional goals while at the University of Utah. We are here to make sure that you enjoy your studies at the U of U and are able to draw from those experiences to begin and sustain your careers.

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