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Careers in Planning, Sustainability, and the Environment

Careers in Planning, Sustainability, and the Environment


Please join Career Services and the Sustainability Resource Center for a Career Pathways event on Planning, Sustainability, and the Environment. Sustainability-related jobs cut across all sectors, and are a fast growing subset of the overall jobs picture in the United States and the world. Careers in sustainable endeavors range from planning to transportation to renewable energy and far beyond.  Consider attending this panel to hear how professionals in the Salt Lake area are applying environmental education in their careers.

Panel is from 1-3 pm on Wednesday, Nov. 4 in the Bailey Gallery of the College of Architecture + Planning.

Outstanding panelists include:

Sara Baldwin Auck, Director for Regulatory Programs, Interstate Renewable Energy Council

Paige Pitcher, Co-Founder at Giv Group, a non-profit and entrepreneurial approach to community development

J.P Goates, Principal Planner, Planning Division, Community and Economic Development, Salt Lake City Corporation

Peter Nelson, Sustainability Coordinator, Division of Sustainability and the Environment, Salt Lake City Corporation

Jacob Splan, Utah Transit Authority, Capital Development

Liz Galloway, Marketing & Concept Development Director, Luxury Outdoor Adventure Curator & Leader

Chamonix Larsen, Coordinator of Resource Stewardship, State of Utah