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Fireside Q & A with Professor Larry Susskind | EDR Blog

Fireside Q & A with Professor Larry Susskind | EDR Blog

Natalie Watkins, City & Metropolitan Planning masters student, wrote an EDR Blog on a Q&ASusskind_Stegner session with Larry Susskind, MIT Professor of Urban and Environmental Planning at MIT, here at the University of Utah. Below is an except from their conversation:

How do we get people to the table to discuss resiliency without a crisis looming?

Efforts to gather stakeholders should begin with a stakeholder assessment. No crisis is required. People need only spend a few minutes talking to a mediator or a neutral facilitator. They don’t have to commit to attend multiple meetings. The results of these conversations can be used to ensure the public that their concerns are being used to shape local discussions of resilience. When people see that they have helped to shape the agenda, they will be more inclined to participate. Also, groups need to be given a chance to caucus to choose a representative to participate in adaptation specific discussions. If people are chosen by their constituents, they will take the invitation to participate more seriously.

Source (full article): Fireside Q & A with Professor Larry Susskind