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CMP’s End-of-the-Year Award Winners Share Their Advice for Fellow Students

CMP’s End-of-the-Year Award Winners Share Their Advice for Fellow Students

On Thursday, April 29th, 2019 students of the City & Metropolitan Planningdepartment at the College of Architecture + Planning were recognized for their excellent academic work and engagement with practice. Scholarly research in works that advocated for inclusive communities and that improved accessibility of urban areas for all people took the spotlight this year.

Monika Roy, graduate student in CMP, won the Eugene Carr Award for organizing the Jane Jacobs walk in Bangladesh, India. Her work was a part of the Observe program for the Center for the Living City organization with professor Stephen Goldsmith & Chelsea Gauthier.

“We observed different parts of the cities,” said Roy when asked about her impact. “And came to some improvement solutions that we feel is necessary for the development of the community.

“We need to come up with solutions that people actually deserve, and actually want,” said Roy when asked about what student should focus on regarding their studies. “So, it’s really important to listen to people and always: We need to make sure that people are always being engaged in our planning or design works.”

Awards winners included graduate students in the Masters of City & Metropolitan Planning department, like Katherine Skollingsberg, a graduate student specializing in Smart Growth & Transportation and Ecological Planning, who received the Best Professional Project award this year.

“My professional project involved mid-block pedestrianization of Downtown Salt Lake City,” said Skollingsberg. “How do we make the alleys, and the back-ways more comfortable, safer… and increase public space?”

Research played a major role in Skollingsberg’s work. “I’ve discovered that there’s always… always a source of research, always datasomewhere– you just have to find it. And one of the best places for me has been Luke Leither at the Marriott Library, the City Planning Librarian. He’s amazing, and that’s definitely a resource that everyone should utilize.”

“My advice to anyone entering college is just to follow your passion,” said Naba Faizi, a second-year grad student specializing in Urban Design, who collected research from interviews with former residence of the displaced Japantown of Salt Lake City.  “And just go with it and trust your voice.”

Additional awards will be given during the College of Architecture + Planning’s 2019 convocation.

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