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Code Enforcement Officer. Herriman, UT

Code Enforcement Officer. Herriman, UT


Drives and is actively engaged in the enforcement of all City ordinances and State laws with a primary focus on immediate public safety, health and welfare issues of the residents. Oversees the daily operation of Code Enforcement within the City along with providing the highest levels of service possible through enforcement and ordinance education to the public.


Works under the general supervision of the City Planner.


* Actively researches and finds ordinance violations within the City and addresses the violations to ensure alignment with the City’s mission statement, values and expectations.

* Receives complaints and issues. Makes determinations for public safety issues, which may include written letters and notices, accounting for the health and welfare of the residents of Herriman City. Initiates corrective notices for detected violations or refers issues to appropriate agency.

* Works with developers and the Public Works inspectors to ensure City code is met on developments and buildings.

* Removes signs on poles, and right-of-ways as per City code.

* Coordinates with business licensing to update codes and expectations. Works with businesses on compliance and code agreeance.

* Establishes and reviews proper record keeping documentation for property and evidence for the code enforcement program. Screens information with legal counsel for issuance of citations and court coordination.

* Maintains a complete record of all enforcement activities including but not limited to warnings, letters and correspondence. Maintains an accurate daily log and a list of current inspections, complaints and reported problems to determine the current status. Prepares all necessary documents and inputs all ordinance cases into the appropriate systems.

* Inspects new or existing residential, industrial or commercial structures within the City to ensure compliance with zoning, site development and related City codes as directed.

* Inspects roads and sites for possible Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan violations. Works closely with violators to engage in plans for compliance and City protection.

* Provides a liaison between the City and residents/developers on conditional use permits. Works closely with the City planning department to address flexibility and solutions.

* Works closely with local police to address code issues and resident infractions.

* Works closely with the judicial system on hearings and citations. Carries the process through from start to finish.

* Works closely with legal to prepare cases for court and appears in court as needed. May act as a witness in prosecution of code violators as needed. May provide direction when violations are discovered and with direction may issue “Stop Work” orders or citations for noncompliance with appropriate codes.

* Inspects neighborhoods, housing and commercial sites and structures for possible health and sanitation violations.

* Works closely with government agencies to build relationships and address issues. Coordinates enforcement efforts on a City-wide basis involving representatives from other Community Development divisions, Fire Department, Police Department, Attorney’s Office, Board of Health, the courts and other applicable departments and agencies.

* Receives and responds to zoning and health code violation complaints and ensures that complaints are properly investigated and resolved. Discusses problem area with appropriate individuals, gather data relating to violations and issue notice of violations and citations when necessary, delivers documents of violations.

* Explains and provides trainings to the general public on City code and enforcement. Makes recommendations to achieve compliance with the respective code.

* Attends City Council and Planning Commission meetings needed. Prepares reports and presentations and provides as assigned.

* Wears all appropriate personal protective equipment, especially when work in the road right aways.

* Performs other duties as assigned.

Note: This is not a law enforcement position and this employee should not brandish or carry a weapon when acting on behalf of the City. Escalated issues will be addressed with police to handle situations.



* High School Diploma or equivalent.


* Four (4) years of related work experience


* An equivalent combination of education and experience that qualify the individual to have the skills to complete with the required job duties.


* Associates degree from an accredited institution that assists in writing and communication skills.

* Experience in Customer Service.


* Must be at least 18yrs old.

* Requires a valid Utah Driver’s License.

* Must be able to pass a pre-employment drug test, background check, physical and driving record check


* Ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing in English.

* Intermediate computer skills in various software applications including Microsoft Word and Excel and the ability to learn and use additional job specific software.

* Ability to create and write notices to the public that address situations in a professional manner.

* Working knowledge of business licensing, City zoning, development, housing, building, sign, health codes and principles and practices of City Planning.

* Essential knowledge of City ordinances which pertains to enforcement and all procedures regarding ordinance enforcement; requires knowledge and skills to prepare legal documentation in coordination with the City Attorney’s Office.


* Tasks require a variety of physical activities, generally involving muscular strain, such as walking, standing, stooping, sitting, reaching, bending, and lifting.

* Talking, hearing, and seeing essential to the performance of the job.

* Common eye, hand, finger dexterity required. Mental application utilizes memory for details, verbal instructions, discriminating thinking.

* Frequent local travel required in normal course of job performance.


In the event of a declared emergency or any undeclared emergency or natural disaster, that threatens the life, health and/or safety of the public, employees may be assigned to assist rescue and relief workers. Such assignments may be in locations, during hours and performing work significantly different from the employees normal work assignments and may continue through the recovery phase of the emergency.

Associated with this position will be confidential and proprietary information of Herriman City. Employee acknowledges that this information will not be shared with others outside the discharge of duties. Confidential and proprietary information shall mean information not generally known to the public.

The above information is intended to describe the general nature of this position and is not to be considered an exhaustive statement of duties, responsibilities, requirements or knowledge, skills and abilities. Herriman City reserves the right to add or change duties at any time, and provides for a six (6) month probation or evaluation employment period. Changes in employment status during this evaluation period are not subject to cause.

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