The University of Utah
College of Architecture + Planning

Matthew Montgomery (MCMP ’19)

Matthew Montgomery (MCMP ’19)

Name: Matthew Montgomery

Degree: Master of City & Metropolitan Planning

Year Graduated: 2019

Hometown: Farmington, UT

Current Position, Organization: Junior NEPA Planner, Jacobs


How did you find your first job after graduating?

LinkedIn. That was my #1 job source.


Tell us about your current position, for example, what is your typical day like? or share a recent accomplishment.

I am a Junior NEPA Planner. My day-to-day includes tasks related to the creation of environmental planning documents dealing with transportation projects in Utah.


Do you have any advice for students just starting out in urban planning?

  1. Diversify your internship and volunteer experience to find out what parts of planning you’re interested/not interested in.
  2. Develop relationships with U of U Alumni/adjunct professors working in planning-related positions. They may be your ticket to getting your dream job out of college.
  3. Read planning books during your college experience. They will open your eyes to many wonderful planning principles that will be beneficial in your future employment.