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Sustainability Planner. Oak Bluffs, MA

Sustainability Planner. Oak Bluffs, MA


Sustainability Planner

Martha’s Vineyard Commission

Oak Bluffs, MA


The MVC Sustainability Planner works closely with the MVC, Island towns and the public to advance climate-related projects and initiatives on the Island of Martha’s Vineyard. They perform a variety of project management and policy analysis roles related to the Island’s climate efforts, and are responsible for the overall administration, development and management of climate-related policies and programs. This is a new position, and it will report to the Executive Director of the MVC.


Duties and Responsibilities

Provides proactive leadership with respect to climate-change related sustainability strategies and initiatives

  • Provides guidance, data, and other support to the MVC and Island towns regarding climate change-driven policies and initiatives (including both fossil fuel reduction and efficiency initiatives, and adaptation/resilience initiatives)
  • Develops, coordinates, implements and monitors such initiatives, working with the MVC, Island towns, the Wampanoag Tribe, economic sectors, and other key players (such as the Steamship Authority and Eversource) and acting as manager or co-manager for appropriate initiatives
  • Coordinates with constituencies in creating and implementing ‘Climate Action Plans’ and other climate-related policies and projects
  • Develops, analyzes and provides information on best practices and initiatives practiced in the region, the US and in other countries
  • Conducts studies and prepares reports, correspondence, position papers, policies, procedures and other written materials on mitigation and adaptation issues
  • Maintains a current database of information on the impacts of climate change on the Island (and coastal issues generally) and prepares documents to illustrate relevant aspects of that information
  • Advances programs and policies affecting coastal and environmental issues more generally, and maintains a working knowledge of MEPA and other permitting agency policies/practices and acts as MVC staff liaison with CZM, DEP and other state regulatory review agencies
  • Participates, as needed, in MVC review of Developments of Regional Impact and regulation of Districts of Critical Planning Concern


Public Liaison

  • Designs, manages and/or coordinates public advocacy and educational initiatives related to renewable energy and resilience/adaptation projects
  • Meets with Town boards, community groups, business organizations and members of the public, making presentations and participating on teams to further climate change-related planning and initiatives
  • Represents the MVC and the Island as a member of regional climate initiative teams
  • Analyses and summarizes legislation relevant to climate change
  • Provides relevant information for inclusion in the MVC’s website


Climate-Related Budgets and Funding

  • Develops the operating budget for program-specific climate-related projects
  • Applies for and manages grant applications and funding


Applicants are requested to send a resume to Lucy Morrison,, by no later than April 17, 2020. The MVC may change the application deadline and may accept applications after the deadline to serve the best interests of the community. Interviews will be granted to the most qualified candidates. Salary depending on qualifications. This is a full-time position (at least 37.5 hours /wk). Attendance at periodic meetings outside of standard office hours required.