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Admission: BS/BA Urban Ecology + MCMP

The BS/BA + MCMP is a “4+1” program through which eligible students complete both a bachelor’s in Urban Ecology and a Master of City & Metropolitan Planning (MCMP) in five years. The BS/BA in Urban Ecology involves the study of the relationships between humans and nature in urban environments, emphasizing the interrelationships among social, environmental, and economic systems, while the Master of City & Metropolitan Planning (MCMP) focuses on the key competencies of technical literacy; ethical inquiry; inclusive community engagement, ecological thinking, and physical planning and design. The 4+1 program combines the strengths of both programs, preparing students to think ecologically in guiding the growth and development of cities and regions both locally and globally.

Students seeking to take advantage of the 4+1 program must first meet current University of Utah undergraduate admission standards, be accepted into the BS/BA Urban Ecology major and be in good standing within the major. BS/BA Urban Ecology students who want to enter the 4+1 program must apply for admission during the spring semester of their junior year (i.e., after the completion of 75 undergraduate credit hours). To be admitted, applicants must have a cumulative undergraduate GPA of at least 3.4 and demonstrated excellent performance in at least six of the BS/BA Urban Ecology required core courses.

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To be considered for admission into the BS/BA Urban Ecology + MCMP program, applicants must have a fully completed application on file with the Department by March 1.


The University of Utah utilizes an online admission application system called “ApplyYourself.” The application can be completed online and submitted electronically once all required fields on the application have been completed. As a new user of the application system, you will first need to create a user account. After creating a user account, a unique PIN and password will be issued to you. The PIN and password will enable you to access, input and save information.

**Make sure you answer “Yes” to the question “Are you applying for a Combined BS/MS program?” which appears on the Program Information page of the AY application.**

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Applicants must write and upload a personal statement onto the online application. We recommend you write your personal statement before beginning the online application.

The personal statement should include a overview about who you are, your strenghts and any work experience and/or education that demonstrates you are good fit for the 4+1 program.

At least one letter of recommendation is required for all applicants.

We encourage applicants to request a letter from either a professor or an employer. The letter of recommendation should speak to your committement to urban ecology/planning as well as your ability to complete graduate level work.

To facilitate this process, you will be asked as part of your online application to enter the name and contact information (including email addresses) of your recommender. Once that information is saved, an email will be sent automatically to the recommender with an access code and instructions on how to proceed with the online recommendation.

Note that recommendation requests are sent immediately to the recommenders once you save that information, regardless of whether you have completed your application. Please remind recommenders that letters must be completed and submitted by the appropriate deadline.

You are required to upload an unofficial transcript from each institution you have attended. Uploading unofficial transcripts will significantly decrease the amount of time required to process your application. Official transcripts will be required if you are admitted.

Applicants are not required to take the Graduate Record Exam (GRE).

Applicants have the option of submitting GRE or other exam results as part of their application materials. Official scores must be received by the Department of City & Metropolitan Planning before the application deadline. Use the following codes to facilitate efficient reporting of your test scores: University of Utah school code is 4853, Department code is 4402.

There is no minimum GRE score required. Median scores for students accepted for fall 2018 were the following:  verbal 155, quantitative 152, and analytical 4.0.

International students seeking employment in the U.S. during or after the 4+1 program have access to a number of helpful resources. F-1 students are eligible for curricular practical training (CPT), as well as post-program optional practical training (OPT), and a STEM OPT extension.

The International Student application as well as the Graduate School application called “Apply Yourself” need to be completed as part of the admissions process.

Minimum required English proficiency test scores are as follows:

TOEFL Paper 500

Application fee is required.

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