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Wookjae Yang

Wookjae Yang

Wookjae Yang is a doctoral student in the Department of City & Metropolitan Planning and research assistant at the Metropolitan Research Center. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from Konkuk University, Seoul, Korea and a Master of City Planning from the Seoul National University.

In the doctoral program, he would like to conduct an in-depth analysis of the interaction between public space and private space, developing a quantitative model of their relationship, and investigate the changes made to private space, in the physical environment, society, and economy, by public investments (and inversely, changes to public space by private space). Based on the findings, his research aims to provide land use plans that maximize efficiency and equity. 

Before his doctoral studies, his master dissertation empirically identified the interests surrounding commercial gentrification in residential areas and characterized resulting changes by comprehensively evaluating physical changes in the environment that emerged from residential commercialization, with an additional focus on economy and society. In addition, he worked as researcher at Smart City Research center in the University of Seoul, and managed several Smart City research projects. Besides research experiences, he served as construction and architectural design project manager at Defense Installation Agency under the Ministry of National Defense and ROK-US Command Forces Command in Yongsan, Seoul, South Korea.