The University of Utah
College of Architecture + Planning

People Co-creating Place with a Purpose: Prosperity for All

The Salt Lake City Workshop brings together students from the University of Utah with community partners to envision best possibilities and work toward realizing these visions. Students in the Workshop—from the fields of planning, architecture, environmental studies, sociology, film, and others—collaboratively imagine ways to improve quality of life in Salt Lake City by enhancing quality of place. The Workshop serves as a repository of visions for Salt Lake City over time as well as a dynamic and ongoing portal for university-neighborhood partnerships that develop and implement new visions into the future.

The First Salt Lake City Workshop (Spring 2011):

Nan Ellin, Professor and Chair, Planning Department
Nathaniel Currey, Masters in Planning
Joseph Briggs, Bachelors in Planning
Solomon Carter, Bachelors in Planning
Molly Clark, Bachelors in Planning
Austin Dent, Bachelors in Planning
Dustin Fratto, Bachelors in Planning
Johanna Jamison, Bachelors in Planning
Annika Jones, Masters in Social Work
Shannon Miller, Masters in Planning
Sean Morgan, Masters in Planning
Justinian Popa, Bachelors in Architecture