The University of Utah
College of Architecture + Planning

Economic & Real Estate Development

This specialization equips students with advanced skills in economic analysis and real estate development with an emphasis on the public sector. Students learn what drives economic growth and change and how to formulate strategies that benefit the larger community. Due to the robust real estate climate in Utah, there is a significant need for planners to be able to work with developers to create public-private partnerships. For those interested in the private sector, a graduate certificate is Real Estate Development is also available.

Career Paths

Employment opportunities in municipal, regional and state government (economic development, redevelopment, small business assistance); nonprofit sector (chamber of commerce, community & economic development organizations, land banks), private consultants as well as academic institutions (research parks, university extension offices).


The primary CMP faculty teaching and conducting research in this area include:

Ivis García – asset-based community development, community participation, diversity in planning, affordable housing, neighborhood business development, leadership theory, transit-oriented development, active transportation.

Stacy Harwood – community economic development, neighborhood planning, gentrification, scenario planning, local immigrant integration, planning in multicultural communities, race, and space, cross-racial coalition building.

Danny Wall –  forensic appraisal and consulting related to a wide range of markets and property types, including large industrial and manufacturing operations, large land-development projects, special-use facilities, commercial and residential properties, and recreational and resort properties.

Practitioners and researchers who teach CMP courses:
Dejan Eskic – Kem Gardner Policy Institute
Josh Green – C.W. Urban
Pamela Perlich – Kem Gardner Policy Institute
Eric Robinson – Kirton McConkie
Juliette Tennert – Kem Gardner Policy Institute


Complete a total of 4 courses, including the Foundational Course, plus 3 electives from the elective list. Substitutions must be approved prior to taking the course.

Foundational course

CMP 6460 Real Estate Market Analysis (3) 


CMP 6260 Graduate Workshop: Housing Affordability Lab (3)
CMP 6260 Graduate Workshop: Small & Resort Town Planning (3)
CMP 6260 Graduate Workshop: Listening to… (3)
CMP 6405 Urban Design Methods (3)
CMP 6440 Urban Design Principals (3)
CMP 6410 Site Development (3)
CMP 6630 Real Estate Development Due Diligence (3)

Approved electives in other departments:

ARCH 6581 Main Street Revitalization (3)
ECON 6300 Public Finance (3)
FINAN 6040 Excel for the Finance Professional (3)
FINAN 6390 Real Estate Principals (3)
FINAN 6760 Real Estate Finance (3)
PADMN 6335 Governance and the Economy (3)
PADMN 6380 Public Budgeting & Finance (3)