The University of Utah
College of Architecture + Planning

The Mountain West (Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming) is the nation’s fastest growing region. By 2040, the region will double in population to more than 30 million people with nearly 20 million jobs. Most of the existing built environment will be rebuilt. Several trillion dollars will be spent on development in the region over the next generation. Real estate professionals will play a leading role in the development and redevelopment of the region. To meet the educational needs of professionals working in real estate, the University of Utah offers the Graduate Certificate in Real Estate.

The over-arching objective of the GCRE is to help society meet its growing needs for rigorous professionally-based preparation in real estate development. Particular objectives include providing GCRE students with foundations in:

  • Market research
  • Net present value analysis
  • Information tools for real estate research
  • Urban development methods and policies

The GCRE is an 18 credit hour program drawing from courses exclusively in business and architecture + planning. The pre-requisites for admission to the program include status as a graduate student at the University of Utah in good standing, and FINAN 3040 – Fundamentals of Corporate Finance or its equivalent from the University of Utah or elsewhere. The following table presents the curriculum.

Course Prefix
& Credit Number
Title Credit
Core courses
FINAN 6740 Real Estate Principles* 3.0
FINAN 6750 Survey of Real Estate Development 3.0
REDEV 6220 Land Use Law 3.0
REDEV 6460 Real Estate Market Analysis for Planning and Development 3.0
One course from among courses in finance
FINAN 6760 Real Estate Finance 3.0
REDEV 6310 Urban Development Methods and Policies** 3.0
One course from among electives
FINAN 6770 Real Estate Appraisal and Investment 3.0
REDEV 6010 Urban Research 3.0
REDEV 6020 Urban and Regional Analysis 3.0
REDEV 6390 Sustainable Development 3.0
REDEV 6410 Site Planning and Entitlement Processes 3.0
REDEV 6440 Urban Design Principles 3.0
REDEV 6450 GIS for Real Estate Development 3.0
*Waived for students with a real estate license in any state, or equivalent educational or professional experience. Such students will need to substitute for the credits from among the electives.
**Not eligible for students enrolled in DESB graduate degree programs. Not offered in Spring 2011.