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Honors Degree in Urban Ecology

The Honors Program offers an academically challenging course of study for undergraduate urban ecology students. The program allows the top students in the college to satisfy some of the urban ecology degree requirements through a distinctive and demanding set of classes created to stimulate design, planning, and conceptual excellence. Students completing the specified requirements will earn an honors bachelor of science/arts.

To satisfy the requirements for honors, students must be accepted into the University’s Honors College and complete the courses outlined below:

Honors Core in Architecture + Planning
Take both of the following courses:
• CMP 3101: People and Place I and
• ARCH 2615: People and Place II

Honors Writing
• HONOR 3200: Writing in a Research University

Honors Core in Intellectual Traditions
Select 2 courses from the following: *
• HONOR 2101: The World of Antiquity
• HONOR 2102: Medieval Christianity and Renaissance Humanism
• HONOR 2103: Emergence of Modern Times

Honors General Education Courses
Take any 2 additional Honors courses at the University. *
In selecting courses, students should look for opportunities to simultaneously satisfy general education or major pre-requisite requirements.

Honors Thesis/Capstone Project
• ARCH/CMP 4999: Honors Thesis
Students are encouraged to integrate their thesis/capstone project with the final project required by their major.

For more information: click here for a list of Honors courses that count for other major/university requirements; click here for the Honors College at the University of Utah

* Transfer students who enter the University with greater than 59 credits or an Associates Degree are required to take only one of these courses.

If you would like to speak with an advisor about obtaining an honors degree in Urban Planning please feel free to contact us by phone or email.

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