The University of Utah
College of Architecture + Planning

Listening To

“Listening to…” is a collaborative effort between students and faculty of the University of Utah with residents of small towns and urban neighborhoods in Utah and nearby states. Students work closely with community stakeholders to gather experiences and stories to learn about shared priorities and concerns. The process provides an opportunity for students to learn how to do community engagement. At the end of the semester, students produce a professional report and also present the report to local residents at a public meeting. Students have worked in Mobridge, SD (2010), and Springdale, UtT (2014), Morgan City, UT (2015) Morgan County, UT (2015), Uintah City, UT (2015), Ballpark Neighborhood in Salt Lake City, UT, (2105),  Bluff, UT (2016), Bryce Canyon City, UT (2017), Bonner County, ID (2018), Escalante, UT (2019), Bluff (2020), Bryce Canyon City, UT (2020), Moab, UT (2020), Multicultural communities of SLC, UT (2021)