The University of Utah
College of Architecture + Planning

What kind of job will you get with a MCMP degree?

Job Titles of 2008-2018 MCMP graduates

Academic Program Manager
Academic Space Planner
Active Transportation Manager
Assistant City Planner
Assistant Director of Communications
Associate Deputy Mayor
Associate Director
Associate Planner
Associate Principal
Aviation Planner
Bike & Pedestrian Coordinator
Building Management Specialist
Chief Administrative Officer
City Planner
Community Development Director
Community Planner
Community Strategist
Construction Manager
Council Advisor
Current Planner
Data Processing Manager
Data Technician
Design Review Planner
Development Review Planner I
Development Review Planner II
Director of Planning
Economic Development Planner
Environmental Services Manager
Executive Director
General Manager
GIS Analyst
GIS Specialist
Housing & Neighborhood Development Associate
International Dark-Sky Places Coordinator
Land Development Specialist
Law Clerk
Legal Intern
Long Range Planner

Office Strategic Analyst
Planner I
Planner II
Planner III
Planning Coordinator
Planning Intern
Planning Technician
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Principal Planner
Product Data Analyst
Project Coordinator
Project Manager
R&D Product Systems Manager
QA Improvement Supervisor
Regional Environmental Coordinator
Research Assistant
Risk Management Specialist
Senior Advisor
Senior Designer/Architect
Senior Manager Public Relations
Senior Planner
Senior Policy Advisor
Senior System Engineer
Senior Transportation Planner
Service and Operations Planner Software
Strategic Planner
System Monitor
Transportation Engineer
Transportation Planner
Urban Designer
Visualization Specialist
Voice Over Artist
Writer and Editor
Zoning Administrator