The University of Utah
College of Architecture + Planning

MCMP Professional Projects


• 21st-Century Urban Planning Ethics: Heightening Our Obligations to Meet the Challenges
• Affordable Housing Crisis in Northwest Arkansas
• Cottonwood Heights Dog Park Plan
• eCommerce & The Built Environment
• Electric Scooters
• Gateway & Natural Amenity Region (GNAR) Initiative
• Growth & Affordability – Housing Solutions for Salt Lake City, UT
• How does transit impact multifamily property values?
• Japantown in Salt Lake City
• Millard County An Economy in Transition
• MPO Transportation Funding for Livable Communities
• Municipal Subdivision Review: Identifying Problems and Innovations to Streamline the Process
• Neighborhoods for Aging: A Case Study of The Avenues
• Re-Envisioning Movement and Space
• Reimagine Mid-Block Paths – Downtown Salt Lake City
• Socio-Economic Impacts of the Ogden River Restoration Project
• Westside Connections


• An Intrastate Passenger Rail System for Utah Operated by Amtrak using Existing Union Pacific Tracks
• A Report on Camping Trends and Visitor use Management Planning for The West Zion Corridor
• Climate Adaptation Planning in Gateway and Natural Amenity Regions
• Crossing the Divide
• Fade to Black: The Impact of Dark Skies Actions Within the Colorado Plateau Region
• Justice in Design: Do Designers Consider Justice?
• Living as Nature: An Investigation into The Evolution of Sustainability Paradigms Within Planning
• Planning for Difference, A Study in Intercultural Design of Urban Natural and Green Space
• Planning with Informality Towards a Third Way for Housing the Urban Poor in Morocco
• Rediscovering the Urban Nightscape an Inventory Of Moab and Grand County’s Publicly-Owned Lighting Fixtures
• Strategic Economic Development: Using Industry Location Preferences in Planning
• Street Connectivity, Congestion and Vehicle Collisions Along The Wasatch Front
• The Ped Score: Pedestrian Experience Dimension Assessing and Enhancing the Pedestrian Experience in Salt Lake City, Utah
• The Tip of the Iceberg: The Limits And Potential of Air Quality Alert Program Evaluation


• An Analysis of Infrastructure Surrounding Transit Stops
• Airports Need Help Too: A Survey of the Emerging Trend of The Aerotropolis and its Potential Impact to Northern Utah
• Assessing the Use of Retail Gravity Modeling to Address The Food Desert Issue in Salt Lake City, Utah
• Bus Stops and Civil Rights
• Epoch Changes that will Launch Alternative Housing: Salt Lake City Behind its Peers
• Increasing Usership of The Jordan River Parkway Trail for Active Transportation Users
• “Is The Plat of Zion Relevant in Answering Today’s Urban Questions?”
• Socioeconomic Change of Salt Lake City Community Council Districts
• The Zion Regional Collaborative
• Towards an Urban Ecology Literacy


• A Case For Playscape and Nature‐Play Design Applications in Salt Lake City, Utah
• An Analysis of Bus Stop Amenity Improvements, A Utah Transit Authority Case Study
• A Spatial Analysis & Qualitative Study of Housing for Individuals First Supportive Housing “Client Success” in Salt Lake City.
• Assessing Streetscape Improvements for Active Transportation Users: A Case Study of The North Temple Corridor in Salt Lake City
• Bicycle Facility Best Practices Analysis of Murray Holladay Road Buffered Bike Lanes
• Digital Data Collection & Analysis Reporting for Reconnaissance Level Surveying in Historic Preservation
• Does Regional Planning Matter? Analyzing the Impact of Regional Planning on Local Plans and Developments in the Salt Lake City Metropolitan Area
• Evaluation of the Protected Intersection in Salt Lake City
• First Last Mile Strategies Study: Bus Context
• Planners as Counselors Connecting Counseling Theories to Professional Planning Practice
• Redefining Meadowbrook: Creating an Urban Neighborhood
• Salt Lake Central Intermodal Hub Redesign
• Streetcar Renaissance Streetcar Design Scenarios in The University Gardens Neighborhood
• Sustainable Campus Transportation Planning
• Walkability & Equity: A Literature Review and Application to Salt Lake County
• The Impact of Salt Lake City’s Microbreweries
• The Low-Income Housing Tax Credit
• Walkability Study on South Salt Lake City Quantitative Walkability Index and Qualitative Evidence
• Westmoreland Place & Public Outreach


• An Analysis of The State of County Comprehensive Planning in Utah
• Designing Fitness Trail in Urban Environment
• Lincoln Catchment Area & Community Learning Center Asset Map Report
• Median Income Housing Report for Saratoga Springs City, Utah
• Transportation and Aging in Place, A Survey of Heritage Center Participants


• Bus Rapid Transit in Cottonwood Heights Transit and Street Improvement Study on Fort Union Boulevard
• Complete Streets: Salt Lake City
• Environmental Redevelopment: Engery Self-Sufficient Neighborhoods
• Evaluating the Efficiency of High Density Residential Zoning and Development in Salt Lake County
• Housing Design, Urban form Street Function & Social Context: A Salt Lake County Housing Typology Study
• Ranking Salt Lake’s Transit Stations a Pedestrian Level of Service Analysis of Salt Lake’s Light Rail and Streetcar Stations


• A Reconnaissance-Level Survey of The Granary District, Salt Lake City, Utah
• A Study on Hispanic and Latino Engagement for The City of South Salt Lake
• Comprehensive Planning for the Wasatch Canyons: Applying the Consistency Doctrine
• Exploring our Communities Through Lenses of Observation & Interconnections
• Mapping Urban Amenity Hotspots: Making Gis Analysis Sexy Since 2013
• Scenario Planning in Southeastern Utah Extraction, Recreation, and Community Development
• University Gardens: Parking Supply & Maximization

2012 and ealier

• An Interactive Web-Based Spatial Decision Support System (2011)
Il faut reculer pour mieux sauter. (you have to step back to jump further): agriculture, sustainability and community resiliency in urban environments (thesis, 2011)
Interdependence of systems of dominance, place theory and gender in creating risk factors for HIV (thesis, 2009)
• Cultural Revitalization in Downtown Salt Lake City (2008)
• Housing Affordability for Teachers (2008)
• Mill Creek Greenway Master Plan (2008)
• Morgan County Transportation Study (2012)
• We are Getting Older… Plan on it! (2008)