The University of Utah
College of Architecture + Planning

New Graduate Student Orientation

Welcome to the Department of City & Metropolitan Planning (CMP) at the University of Utah!

  1. Virtual Orientation – we will email you over the summer to keep you informed. The to-do list will get you started.
  2. Summer Social Events (virtual and optional) – we will organize activities to help you get to know current students, faculty, and practitioners over the summer. Some ideas include book or film discussions, virtual tours of SLC, Q&A session with current and recently graduated students, and more. If you have any ideas or want to organize something, please let us know.
  3. Mandatory MCMP and Ph.D. Orientation (the week before the semester begins).You to learn more about the university campus, CMP department, program requirements, and meet with students, staff, and faculty, and you will learn about planning issues in Salt Lake City.
  4. Mandatory Advising meeting with your faculty advisor. You will be assigned a faculty advisor during the summer. Please set up a meeting before the semester starts. You can do this during orientation week or earlier. We encourage you to meet with your faculty advisor at least once a semester.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, or (801) 581-8255.

Virtual Orientation

• Do you need to find housing? Use the Off-Campus Housing website to help you find housing around the U. Note: If you are looking for a roommate, create a profile to use roommate finder.

• All students, faculty, and staff at the University of Utah receive a uNID, which allows access to University networks and information systems. A uNID is a student or employee identification number with a lower case “u” replacing the first zero. A uNID is activated the first time a user logs on to Campus Information Services (CIS).

• Your U-Mail is the e-mail address where all official correspondence will be sent. Please make sure you check this frequently or forward your messages, so you don’t miss anything. Personalize your U-Mail so it is easier to remember.

• Get your University of Utah Identification Card or better known as the “U-Card”. Locations are listed here, as well as any other information you will need.

• Get your Parking Permit but don’t forget public transit is free for students.

• All students are required to have a laptop. Make sure your laptop is ready to go – see the College of Architecture + Planning laptop requirements.

•  Read the new students digital resources guide. If you get stuck with software installation, CA+P staff can help you too.

• If you are interested in purchasing a gym membership or need a recreation break from studying, consider the University of Utah Student Life Center. As a student, you have access to this facility free of charge.

• Stay healthy! Learn about student health insurance options and Student Health Clinic services.

• Take a look at the current academic year tuition & fees, and the review estimated cost of attendance.

• Finally review the program requirements – MCMP or Ph.D.

• Register for classes (please consult the schedule and meet with your academic advisor before registering).

If you have been admitted to one of our graduate programs, you will receive an email about informal activities over the summer, including virtual happy hours, socially distanced picnics, reading groups, and more.

We will put you in touch with new or continuing students via email as well. Just let us know what you are interested in learning about, for example, life in Utah, hiking, international students, where to find housing, working full-time/studying part-time, careers in planning, dealing with online resources, and more.

We also have a contact sheet with emails of continuing and new graduate students. If you give us permission we will add you to the list.

Feel free to volunteer to organize something on your own as well.


Orientation Week

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