The University of Utah
College of Architecture + Planning

Public Policy and City & Metropolitan Planning

The Department of City & Metropolitan Planning, together with the College of Social & Behavior Science, offers a dual degree program that enables students to earn a Master in City & Metropolitan Planning (MCMP) and a Master of Public Policy (MPP), simultaneously. This dual degree will prepare students to be leaders in government, nonprofit and private sectors with an emphasis on urban, economic, and environmental policy.

Students seeking to take advantage of the MCMP/MPP program must meet current University of Utah admission standards and be accepted into both the MCMP and MPP programs. Upon enrollment, students in the dual degree program will complete the core courses in both regular degree programs, totaling 61 credit hours. This is 27 credit hours fewer than completing both programs sequentially. Students enrolled in the dual MCMP/MPP degree program can expect to complete the two degrees within five semesters if they maintain a full-time schedule of 12-13 credit hours per semester. Students enrolled in the dual degree program must complete all MCMP and all MPP requirements before either degree will be awarded.

Upon completion of both programs, students earn two separate degrees: an MCMP degree awarded by the College of Architecture + Planning and an MPP degree awarded by the College of Social & Behavioral Science.

Required Courses:

PADMN 6320 Public Policy Theories (3)
PADMN 6290 Applied Quantitative Methods (3)
PADMN 6323 Policy Analysis (3)

PUBPL 6900 Public Policy Research (3)
PUBPL 6965 Survey Research Methods (3)
PUBPL 6002 Statistical Packages for Public Policy (3)
PUBPL 6960 Capstone Independent Study (1)
PUBPL 6563 Policy and Program Evaluation (3)
PUBPL 6950 Applied Policy Project (3)

ECON 6380 Law and Economics (3)
ECON 6300 Public Finance (3)

Required Course Credit Hours = 61

CMP 6610 Urban Ecology (3)
CMP 6010 Community & Regional Analysis (3)
CMP 6260 Land Use Law (3)
CMP 6160 Plan Making (3)
CMP 6450 GIS in Planning (3)
CMP 6100 Urban & Planning Theory (3)
CMP 6970 Professional Project I (3)
CMP 6280 Graduate Workshop (3)
CMP 6322 City & Metropolitan Economics (3)
CMP 6971 Professional Project II (3)