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College of Architecture + Planning

The College of Architecture + Planning is on the cutting edge of research in architecture and urban planning. We currently run two centers for architecture research in information design and building information modeling. We are also developing a new center for research in large-scale metropolitan planning and real estate.

Metropolitan Research Center

The Metropolitan Research Center conducts basic and applied research on the built environment at the metropolitan scale, focusing on key forces shaping metropolitan form such as demographics, environment, technology, design, transportation, arts and culture, and governance. It seeks to expand knowledge in city and metropolitan affairs to improve policy and practice, and educate the general public on important issues facing communities.

The Metropolitan Research Center plays a critical role in the life of the College of Architecture + Planning through its extensive research, public scholarship, community-based professional projects, and public programs and initiatives. It is an excellent resource for faculty and students, particularly PhD students in Metropolitan Planning, Policy & Design, many of whom become involved in ongoing research activities. The Center has garnered numerous grants and awards from some of the most important agencies and organizations in the country.

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Research You Can Use

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