The University of Utah
College of Architecture + Planning

Small & Resort Town Planning

This specialization focuses on the unique planning issues faced by small towns and rural places near natural amenities (such as national parks and public lands) and resorts (such as ski areas). Those interested in this specialization will learn about planning for small communities with high growth and tourism potential in the context of limited resources and capacity. Topics that will be addressed will include community and economic development, community engagement, historic preservation, sustainable tourism, land conservation, housing, transportation, collaborative planning, and interfacing with different rural stakeholders such as agriculture, ranching, extractive industries, and recreational user groups.

Career Paths

Students who complete this specialization will be uniquely well prepared for planning, community development, and related positions in rural communities, particularly those that are destination areas. Additional employment opportunities may include work with federal land management agencies, consultancies that work with rural and destination communities, tourism and outdoor recreation industry, and non-governmental organizations.


The primary CMP faculty teaching and conducting research in this area include:

Danya Rumore – gateway and natural amenity resources communities, environmental policy and planning, dispute resolution, conflict management, collaborative planning, consensus building, small town and resort town planning

Stacy Harwood – neighborhood planning, gentrification, scenario planning, local immigrant integration, planning in multicultural communities, race and space; cross-racial coalition building

Practitioners who teach CMP courses:
Thomas Eddington – Integrated Planning & Design, LLC
Jordan Katcher – Utah Community Development Office
Bruce Parker – Planning & Development Services, LLC

Faculty from other departments:
Kelly Bricker – Parks, Recreation & Tourism
Jennifer Leaver – Kem Gardner Policy Institute


Complete a total of 4 courses, including the Foundational Course, plus 3 electives from the elective list. Substitutions must be approved prior to taking the course.

Foundational course:

CMP 6260 Graduate Workshop: Small & Resort Town Planning


CMP 6280 Graduate Workshop: Listening to…
CMP 6280 Graduate Workshop: Housing Affordability Lab
CMP 6280 Graduate Workshop: Affordable Housing
CMP 6405 Urban Design Methods
CMP 6620 Negotiation & Dispute Resolution
CMP 6270 Land Use and Transportation
CMP 6330 Growth Management Law & Policy
CMP 6660 Green Infrastructure

Approved electives in other departments:

ARCH 6236 Cultures & Architecture of the Southwest
ARCH 6500 Historic Preservation
ARCH 6581 Main Street Revitalization
FCS 6730 Community Development & Environmental Change
FINAN 6390 Real Estate Principles
LAW 7200 Natural Resources
PADMN 6390 Administration in Local Government
PRT 6875 Sustainable Tourism & Protected Area Management
PRT 6410 Land and Resource Recreation Planning