The University of Utah
College of Architecture + Planning

Urban Design

This specialization is for students interested in shaping the places we live, both how they will look and how they will function. Urban design involves a complex inter-relationship between municipalities, real estate developers, property owners, planners, architects, the construction industry, public administrators, and the general public. Students learn to engage in this process effectively to produce vital and vibrant places. A graduate certificate is also available.


The primary CMP faculty teaching and conducting research in this area include:

Brenda Scheer – urban design, urban morphology, design guidelines, form-based codes, design review, smart cities, site planning, housing, new urbanism, transit-oriented development

Alessandro Rigolon – urban green space, environmental justice, green gentrification, health equity

Reid Ewing – smart growth, urban design, climate change, transit-oriented development, traffic calming, traffic engineering, public health

Martha Bradley – public history, gender and community, and spatial religious communites


Complete a total of 4 courses (no studio required)
Complete 1 studio + 2 additional courses
Complete 2 studios
Substitutions must be approved prior to taking the course.


CMP 6440 Urban Design Principals
CMP 6405 Urban Design Methods
CMP 6410 Site Development
CMP 6445 Urban Design Studio I
CMP 6446 Urban Design Studio II
CMP 6370 Landscape Architecture & Design with Nature
CMP 6380 Green Communities
CMP 6400 Urban Design Visualization
CMP 6455 Advanced GIS
CMP 6500 Preservation Theory & Practice
CMP 6570 Building Conditions Assessment & Preservation Technology
CMP 6700 Planning for Biking and Walking
CMP 6960 Planning Healthy Communities