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Undergraduate Honors Theses


The Honors College at the University of Utah is a place for motivated, engaged students to make a difference and impact the world. Here students get the most out of their college education with excellent professors who love to teach, small discussion-based classes, and active learning. The final step to receive an Honors Bachelor’s degree is the Honors Thesis which is a significant undergraduate research project completed under the supervision of a faculty member. Thesis projects may take different forms in different majors but always demonstrate research expertise in the major field, a command of relevant scholarship and an effort to contribute to that scholarship.

Urban Ecology Honors Theses:


The Colorado River Compact: Questioning the Past, Present, and Future Justification by Ian Harris


From Ground to Air: Connecting Nonemergency Medical Transportation in Rural Utah by Samah Sufia Safiullah

Urban Planning Honors Theses: