The University of Utah
College of Architecture + Planning
Cody Opperman

Name: Cody Opperman 
Undergraduate Major: Urban Ecology (In Progress) 
Hometown: Layton, Utah 

How did you discover urban planning? 
I came to the university seeking an architectural degree. At the time I was interested in sustainable architecture. But, when I took Design Ecologies here at the university I was on the fence of going into an  Architecture major, or an Urban Ecology major. Design Ecologies opened my eyes further into the complex systems and problems that urban areas and natural environments face. Evidently, I chose to major in Urban Ecology because it was an excellent fit on understanding how the natural and built environments coexist. 

Why did I choose the MCMP program at the U of Utah? 
While achieving my bachelor’s degree here at the university I had the incredible opportunity to partake in their new combined program called the BS/BA Urban Ecology + MCMP. This program enables you to achieve a bachelors in Urban Ecology and a Masters in City & Metropolitan Planning in five years (that’s why you see my undergraduate major in Urban Ecology as in progress)! 

What are your career goals? 
I want to achieve the Ecological Planning Specialization with an Urban Design Certificate when finishing the MCMP program. As a planner, I would love to incorporate sustainability practices throughout city and metropolitan areas. I would love to go even further than achieving those practices by incorporating regenerative elements through urban design.