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CPM Strategic Plan, 2018-2023

Strategic Goal 1.1

Align the curriculum with the Department’s vision, mission, and values

Strategy 1: Update core curriculum of each academic program
Strategy 2: Emphasize client-based and community-engaged professional projects (also falls under strategic goal 2.2)
Strategy 3: Enhance student support, advising, and mentoring (also falls under strategic goal 2.1)
Strategy 4: Increase community-building activities (also falls under strategic goal 2.1)

Strategic Goal 1.2

Attract more students to CMP’s academic programs

Strategy 1: Recruit University of Utah Undergraduates to MCMP Program
Strategy 2: Enhance Awareness Campaigns
Strategy 3: Offer Competitive Funding
Strategy 4: Provide students personal attention and mentorship from initial interest to acceptance
Strategy 5: Develop Dual-Degree and Certificate Programs

Strategic Goal 2.1

Increase the Diversity of the Student Body

Strategy 1: Offer competitive funding offers
Strategy 2: Increase the diversity of faculty
Strategy 3: Update curriculum to include materials from diverse perspectives (also falls under strategic goal 1.1)
Strategy 4: Recruit from undergraduate programs (also falls under strategic goal 1.2)
Strategy 5: Develop relationship(s) with local middle schools and high schools

Strategic Goal 2.2

Increase the number of relationships and level of engagement with alumni and local professionals

Strategy 1: Maintain consistent and relevant involvement with alumni and local practitioners
Strategy 2: Bring alumni into the classroom
Strategy 3: Partner with local organizations through alumni connections
Strategy 4: Promote alumni success stories (also falls under strategic goal 3.1)

Strategic Goal 3.1

Increase the visibility of the Department faculty, students, and alumni

Strategy 1: Tell our story
Strategy 2: Host conferences and symposia
Strategy 3: Recognize faculty and student excellence
Strategy 4: Disseminate research