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Minor in Urban Ecology

With the successful completion of six undergraduate courses in urban ecology (18 credit hours), a student from any major at the University of Utah may earn a minor in Urban Ecology. This supplementary undergraduate program is helpful to students from various disciplines who wish to acquire knowledge about urban ecology.


Students must have a cumulative GPA of 2.7 or higher to be admitted to the minor. To enter the minor, a student must first meet with an Academic Success Advisor for review and approval of the courses to be applied to the minor.

Core Courses:

Complete at least 4 of the following with a B- or higher:

ARCH 2630 Design Foundations Workshop (3)

CMP 2010 Design Ecologies (3)

CMP 3200 Ecology of Human Settlements (3)

CMP 3400 Economy of Cities (3)

CMP 4010 Field Studies in Urban Ecology I (3)

CMP 4600 The Just City (3)

DES 2630 Design Contexts (3)


Minimum of 3 credits of electives from the approved list (3000 level or higher)


CMP Main Office
(801) 581-8255
To declare the major: CA+P Student Success Center
Emi Ata'ata