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CMP Vision, Mission, Values, Goals


We envision a world in which planning engages with neighborhoods, cities, and regions to achieve ecological resilience, smart growth, and social justice.


We will train students, conduct research, and engage the profession to create meaningful planning processes and outcomes that improve the well-being and quality of life of community members.


Underpinning the Department’s mission statement and goals lies a commitment to the following five values:

Creative thinking and innovation – exploring, testing, and developing new techniques and processes that add value to the discipline.

Collaboration – bringing diverse people together, negotiating differences, identifying a common purpose, and working together to achieve common goals.

Diversity – an appreciation that creative and effective work comes from diverse perspectives.

Equity and inclusion – serving and providing opportunities for all, with a special commitment to less advantaged people and places.

Sustainability – achieving balance between economic, environmental, and social concerns in order to meet present needs without compromising future generations.


  1. To train students, conduct research, and engage professionals with the aim of advancing ecological resilience, smart growth, quality of life, and social justice through effective, forward-looking planning.
  2. To promote an enriching and respectful Department where students, faculty, and staff can learn and work in an inclusive, supportive, and dynamic environment.
  3. To raise the profile of the Department’s scholarly research, teaching and community/professional engagement within the University and beyond.