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Daniel Roper

Daniel Roper

Graduated from the University of Utah’s MCMP program in 2016. He is currently a Water Resources Planner at Resource Engineering in Glenwood Springs, CO.  Daniel provides private and municipal clients with a wide range of water quality and streamflow monitoring, field data collection and analysis for a grant funded ground water study, field evaluation and formulation of erosion control and drainage master plans, environmental permitting and project management solutions.

Daniel will lead the field course “Stream Daylighting: Reconnecting Our Communities to Water” in Mexico City during the 2019 Fall Break. This course lead students through Mexico City’s watersheds and current daylighting projects to examine how restoring its buried streams and rivers can not only revitalize the natural riparian habitats but also the social structure of the city’s communities. 

Daniel is a member of the American Planning Association Water and Planning Network and is the co-founder of the International Stream Daylighting Symposium.