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Eugene E. Carr, MCP, FAICP

Eugene E. Carr

Carr received two degrees from the University of Utah, a BA in Political Science (1952) and a BFA in Architecture (1960). Later received his Master’s degree in City Planning from Ohio State University.

Carr moved back to Utah after working for the City of Seattle as the head of Urban Design and later as executive director of the Idaho Falls Community Development Commission. In Utah, Carr authored Planning and Zoning Administration, the definitive guide to planning in Utah. He volunteered to rewrite the Planning Enabling Statues in 1991 and provided advice on just about every planning issue in the state. His work focused on balancing the need for land use regulation with the protection of private property rights.

Carr taught as an Adjunct Faculty in urban planning for 18 years when the degree was part of the Department of Geography and Planning in the College of Social and Behavioral Science at the University of Utah. As the Community Development Advisor of the Center for Public Policy and Administration (now the Kem Gardner Policy Institute) Carr created a series of manuals on almost every aspect of planning and zoning.

Phil Emmi hired Carr to help Morris Johnson build the planning program when it was in the Department of Geography. Emmi wrote in newsletter, “In 1982, Eugene Carr began to assist Morris and soon after developed his own course offerings. These, with other offerings around the University, composed the basis for the Program’s curriculum . . . Gene Carr was developing a sound reputation through the Community Planning Workshop for providing helpful planning studies to local communities.”

Carr served as the last president of the Utah Institute of Planners in 1973-74, which became the Utah Chapter of the American Institute of Planners in 1974, and then the Utah Chapter of the American Planning Association (APA) in 1979. Carr was instrumental in creating the first chapter of APA in Utah.

Carr wrote in one of the Utah APA newsletters:

By an interesting coincidence, the 1974 National Convention of AIP was held in Denver with a joint sponsorship of the Colorado Chapter and the Utah organization. The Program Chairman for the conference was Robert Huefner, then Director of the Institute of Government, University of Utah. During the conference, at the meeting of the AIP Board of Directors held on October 28, 1974, the President of the Utah Institute of Planners, Gene Carr, presented the petition to the Board for its approval. The Board approved the petition and the Utah Chapter of the American Institute of Planners became a reality. The first meeting of the new Utah Chapter was held in the conference room of the Salt Lake City Planning Department. George Smeath was elected President and Morris Johnson Vice President. At that time George asked Gene Carr to assume the role of editor of a chapter newsletter. Those first monthly newsletters were cranked out on a mimeograph machine in Gene’s consulting office in Trolley Square.

Carr was instrumental in creating the first chapter of APA in Utah and received the Outstanding Service Award from the Utah APA. In his honor the local Utah Chapter of the American Planning Association established the Eugene Carr Award & Scholarship.

He was inducted into the College of Fellows of the American Institute of Certified Planners (FAICP) in 2002 for his exceptional public/community service and leadership. Carr produced over 90 planning studies as a consultant, trained more than 1,400 citizen planners. At that time, he was one of only a few FAICPs in Utah (along with Salt Lake City’s former mayor, Ralph Becker and University of Utah Planning Emeritus Professors Morris Johnson and Arthur “Chris” Nelson).

Carr remains active in planning issues, most recently serving on the Planning Commission in Holladay, Utah.