The University of Utah
College of Architecture + Planning
Keuntae Kim

Keuntae Kim is a PhD student at the Department of City and Metropolitan Planning and holds an undergraduate degree of architecture from Ajou University, his master’s degree in city planning from Seoul National University, and another master’s degree in urban design from School of City and Regional Planning (SCaRP) at the Georgia Institute of Technology. While taking master’s courses, he participated in various research projects at Seoul National University such as transit-oriented development and housing management plans for steel company towns (Pohang and Kwangyang POSCO company towns) in Korea. While participating in the Fort McPherson Redevelopment in Atlanta during an urban design studio at Georgia Tech, he became interested in participatory urban planning and neighborhood redevelopment. He wrote his master’s thesis on the impact of form-based codes and conventional zoning on the Fort McPherson Redevelopment.

He has worked as an assistant research fellow at the Korea Research Institute for Human Settlement (KRIHS) and participated in the Multifunctional Administrative City (Sejong City, South Korea) Comprehensive Plan before he went to study urban planning in the United States. After finishing his master’s degree in urban design in 2010, he worked as an assistant research fellow at the Architecture and Urban Research Institute (AURI) in Korea and conducted field research for development of an evaluation model for the pedestrian environment in Korea. During his doctoral career, he wants to study a scenario-based planning support system for encouraging participation in the planning process and smart growth policy-making through a more evidence-based approach. Now, as a graduate research assistant and original user of Envision Tomorrow Plus (ET+), he is working on documenting the ET+ user manual and teaching ET+ training courses.