The University of Utah
College of Architecture + Planning
Mason Kemp

Name: Mason Kemp
Undergraduate Major: Wildlife Ecology and Management
Hometown: St. George, Utah
How did you discover urban planning? 
I saw some past classmates from my undergrad that were admitted into the program and became curious about what further it entailed. I researched the program and the different specializations, and it seemed like an interesting route that aligned with a lot of my past experiences and interest.
Why did you choose the MCMP program at U of Utah?
The University of Utah has always been one of my top choices to go to school and after I graduated with my Undergrad and was living in Salt Lake City, I wanted to continue my education and looked into the program after learning more from the website.

If you have work experience or have completed an internship, tell us about that experience.
Between my undergraduate and starting my master’s program, I interned and worked for the US Forest Service at the Salt Lake Ranger District. My initial internship granted me the opportunity to further learn about the innerworkings of federal government jobs, and the stakeholder involvement with public lands. I was able to interact in stakeholder meetings involving the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest and learn more about the stewardship and various interest that were involved. My work for the FS was more hands on working up in the canyons doing various projects involving developed recreational sites. 
What are your career goals?
If I had an Ideal Career path or goal, It would be somewhere in the realm of being a public land planner and seeing where my background in wildlife could immerge with city planning, but this could change as I have found so many aspects of City and Metropolitan Planning to be fascinating. I have had the opportunity to learn more about the routes you can take in the field, and it broadened what I initially imagined the program to be and the route I was planning to take. I am interested in the Ecological Planning aspect of the program as well as the recreation and sustainability options involved throughout the different courses offered. I am looking forward to taking opportunities presented and seeing where they lead.