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Matthew Mckee Miller

Matt Miller

Matt Miller (Matthew McKee Miller) is from Sandy Utah. Matt earned his bachelors from the University of Utah, focusing on urban design and then on growth management. During that time, he interned at Envision Utah, and worked on the ‘Wasatch Choices 2040’ project. He earned his masters degree from the University of Utah in 2007, focusing on housing affordability. During that time, he was a teaching assistant for the “Theory and Ethics in Planning” class. After graduating, he worked as a transportation planner at Wilbur Smith Associates.

He elected to pursue a PhD as a necessary credential for a position at a major think tank. His research interests include transit ridership, transit-oriented Development (TOD), and parking. Matt Miller elected to attend the University of Utah due to his long-standing association with the department and friendship with former professors.

He has recently submitted two papers for publication. In 2018, he was awarded the certificate for ‘Best Reviewer’ from the TRB committee “Public Transportation Planning and Development”. Matt Miller has a black belt in Shotokan Karate.