The University of Utah
College of Architecture + Planning
Monika Roy

Name: Monika Roy
Undergraduate Major: Architecture, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology
Hometown: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Hey all! I am a graduate student in the Department of City & Metropolitan Planning at the University of Utah. As a graduate architect from Bangladesh, I started to work on different housing design and community development projects. While working for the city’s individual projects, I developed a passion for studying urban planning to explore complex interconnected social and environmental issues of planning. 

I found the MCMP program of U of U very fascinating to develop my career. So, I started my journey here as a graduate student. I began to work as a teaching assistant (2018-2019) for The Center for the Living City, a non-profit organization, with Prof. Stephen Goldsmith. As part of this non-profit, I got the opportunity to implement a community-driven pilot project, “Observe!”, in Bangladesh by coordinating with my friend. 

During summer 2019, I completed my internship at David Throne Landscape Architecture. Inc. I liked creating different landscapes and hydrological plans for prospective clients there. Part of my responsibility also included educating clients about water conservancy and in-site stormwater management by incorporating rain gardens and bio-swales. 

Now, I am specializing in Ecological Planning. I desire to work for ecologically responsible planning, for sensible site managements to flourish both human and wildlife habitats. The University of Utah gives wonderful opportunities to work in this field with the knowledge of sustainable materials, and with the implementation of green infrastructures. I appreciate 

eco-systems that not only enhance our environment but also respect our city’s natural resources. 

I like to walk and stay close to nature!