The University of Utah
College of Architecture + Planning
Will Goodreid

Name: Will Goodreid
Undergraduate Major: Political Science and Spanish
Hometown: Littleton, Colorado

How did you discover urban planning?
While living in China during the past two years I got to experience a lot of cities that were designed quite differently from those in the United States. Chinese cities rely heavily on walkable neighborhoods, an abundance of public transportation options, and beautiful parks on nearly every block, and I loved how easy it was to live without a car. I also saw a lot of social benefits that accompanied that kind of urban design, particularly for the elderly and economically disadvantaged, and it made me want to learn how I could make cities in the United States look more like the wonderful urban areas I encountered in China.
Why did you choose the MCMP program at U of Utah?
Once I decided to pursue a master’s in city planning, I knew I wanted to go to school in the Western United States. Since that is where I grew up I felt like I had a better sense of the challenges and opportunities for that region, and of course, UU is situated right in the heart of the region. In addition, I talked to a couple of professors during the application process and they gave me a really good impression of the program.

What are your career goals?
Trains. By which I mean I want to work for a transit agency of some sort expanding both inter and intra city rail service, whether at a local, state, or federal level. I also see myself working on other projects developing other non-car transit options such as more walkable neighborhoods, and better bike and bus infrastructure.

One thing most people don’t know about me:
I am trying to learn Portuguese.