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Urban Planning
This certificate offers students and professionals critical urban planning methods and strategies in order to better engage contemporary planning challenges. This five-course certificate is particularly well-suited for architects, business managers, economists, public agency administers and managers, non-profit professionals, sociologists, or social workers; or for students from related disciplines wishing to work on urban and regional issues. For more information, see the certificate description, application form, and completion form, email:, or call: (801) 581-8255.

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Dr. Stacy Harwood

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Urban Design
Offered jointly by the School of Architecture and the Department of City & Metropolitan Planning, the Graduate Certificate in Urban Design is for graduate students and professionals interested shaping the places we live, both how they will look and how they will function. Urban design involves a complex inter-relationship between municipalities, real estate developers, property owners, planners, architects, the construction industry, public administrators, and the general public. Students learn to engage in this process effectively to produce vital and vibrant places. For more information, see the full certificate description, application form, and completion form email:, or call: (801) 581-8255.

Real Estate Development
This certificate equips students with advanced skills in real estate development. It’s estimated that by 2040, the Mountain West will double in population to more than 30 million people with nearly 20 million jobs. Due to the robust real estate climate there is a significant need for developers. Most of the existing built environment will be rebuilt. Several trillion dollars will be spent on development in the region over the next generation. Real estate professionals will play a leading role in the development and redevelopment of the region. Students learn market research, information tools for real estate research, net present value analysis, and urban development methods and policies. For more information about the program and how to apply, see the full certificate description, email:, or call: (801) 581-5588.

Historic Preservation
Historic Preservation encompasses architecture, planning, historic research, and public administration. Trends in sustainability and stewardship of the built environment are expected to expand and require practitioners who are familiar with the opportunities and synergies that historic preservation can create. Opportunities in historic preservation continue to grow as the inter-relationship between property owners, architects, engineers, construction professionals, planners, public administrators, historians, and the public become more complex. For more information about the program and how to apply, see the full certificate description, email:, or call: (801) 585-5354.

Other Certificate Programs

The University of Utah offers a number of graduate certificate programs outside of the College of Architecture & Planning, for example: Demography, Emergency Management, Geographic Information Science (GIS), Leadership, Justice & Community Practice, Public Health, and Sustainability.