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Redeveloping the city during the day, digging into home improvement projects at night (MCMP ’12)

Tammy Hunsaker

Tammy grew up in Salt Lake City. She received her BA in Communication from Westminster College, then earned her Master’s in City & Metropolitan Planning from U of Utah.

Reflecting on her time in the MCMP Program: “The Program’s interdisciplinary and hands-on approach helped me to develop the skills necessary to succeed in a demanding professional environment.”

Tammy is a Project Manage for Redevelopment Agency of Salt Lake City. From her profile at the Redevelopment Agency: “Tammy’s expansive knowledge of Salt Lake City’s affordable housing market, combined with her previous experience in finance, and her innate eye for good design, made her 2015 move from the City’s Housing and Neighborhood Development (HAND) division to the RDA a natural one.”