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Dr. Chandrasekhar Announces Launch of New Global Center on Climate and Energy

Dr. Divya Chandrasekhar and team just announced the launch of the new global center on climate and energy. The U.S.-Canada Center on Climate-Resilient Western Interconnected Grid is jointly funded by NSF (in the US) and NSERC (in Canada). It is a collaboration between 12 universities across both countries, with Utah as the US lead. Within the U, the center will collaborate with the College of Engineering, the College of Architecture & Planning, and the College of Science. The new Center will engage in interdisciplinary, community-engaged research on integrated climate/hazards and power grid resilience and develop workforce training tools for climate-resilient energy infrastructure planning. The press release from NSF and NSERC are below, as is the official university press release.

NSF link

NSERC link

Utah link