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Getting Credit for an Internship

A professional internship provides a valuable learning experience; it complements the academic curriculum and plays a critical role in developing professional experience. Students must find an acceptable internship assignment that provides field experience in urban planning, public policy, community development, or related area of urban ecology. To register, turn in the Permission Code Form.

Students may receive 1 to 4 hours of credit and may enroll in the internship more than once for a maximum of 4 credit hours.

Hours of Credit Minimum hours of work Duration
1 48 One semester
2 96 One semester
3 144 One semester
4 192 One semester

The Permission Code Form will require a completed Form 1 MOU. Form 1 MOU is an agreement between the student and internship supervisor. During the internship period, the intern is responsible for following the policies and rules of the sponsoring organization and carrying out the duties associated with the internship in a professional manner. The student should contact their faculty advisor if they have any concerns. The internship supervisor should: Discuss the internship responsibilities and be available to answer questions and offer guidance to the intern. When necessary, hold meetings with the intern to discuss the intern’s progress in meeting the objectives of the internship. Provide the intern with a suitable work environment.

To receive credit for the internship at the end of the semester, three things must be turned in:

  • Form 2: Internship Employer Evaluation (this is for the employer to fill out and email to
  • Form 3: Student Internship Evaluation (the student fills out this form)
  • Reflective essay (to be turned into the instructor via Canvas). In 1,000 words, Reflect on the following questions: 1) Describe your primary duties and any products produced during your internship. 2) How well did the internship experience integrate with what you learned in your CMP courses? Was any of your coursework relevant to your internship experience? 3) What did you gain from the internship? Discuss any challenges, accomplishments, and successes that contributed to your learning experience.