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Annaka Egan, MCMP 2019

Favorite College Memory:

I have two CA+P moments that grab my attention. I have a very distinct memory of my sophomore year in the Green Infrastructure class when I realized that I wholeheartedly wanted to pursue a career in planning and design. The second memory is from our end of year MCMP Professional Project open house where I was able to reflect back on where I’d been since that day in Green Infrastructure and overwhelmed with the possibilities of where my career could go next.

What excites you about the future of planning?

I’m excited to see how planning continues to evolve alongside U.S. culture. I love planning because it is dynamic and what people value in their urban landscape is ever-changing, yet many of the things that make a place enjoyable, like human-scaled elements, remain consistent over time.

Recent Favorite Book:

I just read the Emerald Mile (finally!) and I can’t believe I put it off for so long… such a good book. I’d definitely recommend it for anyone interested in the history of the Colorado River.

What has been the most rewarding aspect of working on SLC’s Japantown?

Working with the Japantown Community was an amazing experience. The members of our Subcommittee, who guided the process, have a wealth of different experience and specialized knowledge. Part of what made this project challenging yet rewarding was capturing this knowledge in a vision and translating it into the built environment. I’m excited to watch Japantown Street flourish as the community continues to explore the street design and placemaking strategies.