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Fariba Siddiq (MCMP ‘19) wins Lee Schipper Scholarship Award for her research on women and ride-hailing

Fariba Siddiq is leveraging her cross-cultural knowledge to study gender differences in ride-hailing.

Siddiq, who was born and raised in Bangladesh, is researching ride-hailing experiences across genders in two cities: Los Angeles and Dhaka, Bangladesh. In her study, she’ll explore how ride-hailing impacts mobility and access to opportunities for women in both countries — before and after COVID-19.

“As mobility decreases for many during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s critical to analyze how changes in travel behaviors have impacted the most vulnerable, particularly women,” said Siddiq, who is currently pursuing a doctorate in urban planning from UCLA.

“Notably, I’m interested in learning how the introduction of ride-hailing in multiple cultural contexts has had an effect on access for women,” she said.

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