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Career Expo on April 14th

DATE CHANGE: The City and Metropolitan Planning Department’s spring Career Expo has been moved to Friday, April 14! The event will take place at 11:30 AM in Room 129 at the Architecture Building. Bring your resumes and network with employers and professionals in the planning industry!

The Green Gentrification Cycle

Significant research has shown that gentrification often follows the implementation of greening initiatives (e.g. new parks) in cities worldwide, in what scholars have called ‘green gentrification’. Professors Alessandro Rigolon and Tim Collins recently published a new article looking at this phenomenon,  proposing three complementary explanations for why gentrification precedes greening, including demand from gentrifiers, push... Continue reading

Dr. Divya Chandrasekhar and Sua Kim Explore Transportation Recovery after Disasters

Divya Chandrasekhar and Sua Kim of University of Utah’s City & Metropolitan Planning Department worked with John Downen and Joshua Spolsdoff of UU’s Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute to survey local businesses about their recovery actions after the March 2020 disasters, including COVID-19 lockdowns and a 5.7 magnitude earthquake. The researchers noted that while increasing... Continue reading

Achieving Carbon Neutrality in Both Housing and Transportation in Ann Arbor and Nationwide

Did you know that housing and transportation together account for around 50% of greenhouse gas emissions? To achieve carbon neutrality by 2030, we need to dramatically reduce vehicle miles traveled and make our buildings more efficient. Different types of buildings have different carbon footprints, but it isn’t just the design features of the structures that... Continue reading