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Professor Sarah Hinners and PhD Students Look at Urban-Wildland Juxtapositions

As human populations become concentrated in larger, more intensely urbanized areas connected through globalization, the relationships of cities to their surrounding landscapes are open to social, ecological, and economic reinterpretation. In particular, the value of access to nature in the form of nearby undeveloped wildland to urban populations implies a relatively novel type of synergistic... Continue reading

Professor Ahsan on Flash Flood Risk Management

Alongside other researchers, Professor Reazul Ahsan explored the extent of the use of information and communication technology (ICT) in flash-flood-prone haor (wetland ecosystem) areas of north-eastern Bangladesh. Addressing the situation of severe flash floods in 2017 at the community level, this study examines the constraints and challenges in using ICT for flash flood risk management.... Continue reading

Professor Rigolon’s Review of Possible Health Benefits of Nature Beyond “Bluespace” and “Greenspace”

Numerous studies have highlighted the physical and mental health benefits of contact with nature, typically in landscapes characterized by plants (i.e., “greenspace”) and water (i.e., “bluespace”). However, natural landscapes are not always green or blue, and the effects of other landscapes are worth attention. This narrative review by Professor Alessandro Rigolon and other researchers attempts... Continue reading

MCMP students address community concerns about housing, gentrification and displacement

Graduate students from the City & Metropolitan Planning Department presented their community-based engagement projects for the fall 2022 semester in partnership with 14 organizations in Utah. Students from the seminar ‘Community Engagement in Planning’ worked to engage local communities and connect with neighbors in the valley, creating an opportunity to reflect, collectively build knowledge and... Continue reading

CMP work on Thriving in Place SLC received the High Achievement Award at the 2022 Utah Planning Awards

The City and Metropolitan Planning Department earned the High Achievement Award from the American Planning Association Utah chapter for their work on the Thriving in Place SLC project. The initiative, a collaborative effort in Salt Lake City and Baird + Driskell Community Planning, developed a plan of action to address the factors that are forcing neighbors to leave... Continue reading